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Artist Statement

Growing up in Wyoming and Montana I was surrounded by soil, stone, erosion, flora, and natural form. As a kid I searched the gullies and washes for fossils, geodes, and rocks of all types. Living in New York City for 12 years, I felt removed from this natural environment. Working with clay helped me re-connect. Recently I've moved my studio to the Catskills in upstate New York to return to the natural inspiration of my youth.

The textured work reminds me of stone or bark with lichens and wood-mushrooms growing on them. The plates remind me of plates of the earth, perhaps as seen from high above the earth. Lately, I am exploring shapes reminiscent of desert slot canyons, dry, cracked lake beds, drift wood, and sea shells.

Some of my work is thrown on the wheel using a technique to create texture effects. Other work is thrown and then altered, or completely hand-built or cast.

I currently live, work and wood-fire in the Hudson Valley in New York State.